preliminary draft

Feasibility study

PSE has a broad and deep experience in conducting feasibility studies that will optimize the path from concept to production.

We work with you to understand your objectives and with the information gained we review, analyze and simulate different system designs, ensuring we provide the best possible automation solution for your business.

We combine technology, experience and an unwavering commitment to meeting our customers’ needs. We provide a complete engineering, construction, operations and maintenance service.

3D programs

Mechanical design

PSE was born as a mechanical design studio, the experience gained over the years guarantees seriousness and reliability. The service includes a series of technical-engineering procedures to make the creation of a product possible. 2D/3D design tools are used to explore the digital prototypes in detail and then prepare all the construction drawings necessary for production.


electrical and software

Mechanical design, ranging in almost all sectors, must always be supported and integrated with other specializations, such as electrical and electronic design, to achieve the creation of a functional and efficient final project.

Electrical and software design is an integral part of the development of a machine; PSE collaborates with the customer to choose the most appropriate electrical systems, also developing electrical diagrams, operating logic and Omron PLC software.

use and maintenance manual

Technical documentation

The design of a machine can be considered concluded only after having developed the technical file, that is, all the documentation necessary to validate and certify a CE machine.

In particular: use and maintenance manual, risk analysis and all the documents created during the design, construction and testing of the machine.

at your disposal

Technical assistance

PSE has a qualified team of technicians that support the customer and provide assistance and training, for on-site installation and to ensure that all robots and integrations work as designed. Much importance is given to after-sales service through continuous availability and direct assistance from our specialized technicians.


Construction and assembly

LA PSE has a 300 m2 laboratory in which it carries out the following activities:
prototyping, third-party construction, technical assistance, revamping, maintenance