Progettazione isole robotizzate

Robotic islands

Pse deals with the design of robotic islands.

In the field of business process automation, the use of anthropomorphic and SCARA robots cannot be missed. To increase the productivity of processes that involve interaction between humans and robots, the flexibility of robotic systems is a key factor, they have the ability to adapt, very quickly, to different products within the same production line. They are ideal for situations that require frequent and rapid changes. With process automation, and especially through robotics, the necessary energy is consumed in a controlled way, avoiding unnecessary expenses caused by other less efficient production systems. Automation contributes at all levels to greater energy efficiency.

design and production of robotic islands

PSE has been designing engineering solutions for the world of industrial automation for over 20 years, has the ability to conceive optimal robotic solutions for each case and the best service in all phases of the project. SCARA robots are robotic arms that have a versatile range of motion. Thanks to the combination of rigid and dynamic axes, SCARA are suitable for a variety of material handling operations.

Innovation in the
robot sector

They excel in pick and place operations, rapid transport processes and to perform assembly applications. PSE also designs complete robotic islands. The design is based on the type of application required, the dimensional requirements and the overall operational flow. Automation and robotic islands bring productivity, precision and pace of operations to an undeniable higher level.