Design of Machines and Systems for Packaging

Packaging Systems

PSE produces complete packaging lines, thanks to its vast experience in the field of packaging and film handling. We are able to offer differentiated packaging systems: thermoformed, horizontal flowpack and vertical flowpack. We have also developed various dosing systems for both powdered and granular products: vibrating channel dosing systems, screw dosing systems and liquid dosing systems. Packaging plays a key role in ensuring that quality and hygiene are maintained throughout the supply chain, from production to the consumer.

Design and Production of Packaging Machines

For this reason, the design of packaging solutions often includes innovations, such as new ways to use space and reduce materials consumed, improvements in production flow, better transportation plans to reduce costs in your processes.

Discover how PSE incorporates innovative processes and products, exceeding your expectations with the sole aim of finding the most appropriate solution for your company and your needs.

Innovation in the packaging sector

Innovation in packaging is continuous and we are constantly offering you new, more eco-responsible solutions that will save you time and allow you to protect, ship and display your products at their best.